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Invocation 5 Elements Perfumes

Invocation 5 Elements Perfumes

Invocation is an artisan’s company that creates and distributes all natural aromatherapy perfumes. These Native Essences have been developed according to ancestral aboriginal know-how with a foundation from French perfumery. Invocation Canada products are made in an ecological way with high quality essential oils and plant extracts using 100% natural ingredients and developed with First Nations knowledge.

It’s in collaboration with Michel Roudnitska, famous French perfumer, that Blue Eagle, aboriginal shaman gave birth to these five Native Essences. Each element is in correspondence with color, taste, direction, season, body organs and specific emotions. Each perfume possesses specific properties with its unique essential oils and plant extracts. It is handmade, as all products coming from Invocation’s workshop, with care and attention, after a slow, environmental process. These perfumes are 100% natural and are all above the 89% Organic mark.

These five perfumes correspond to the following elements & offer a unique way to connect and benefit from the elements of nature. 

Sacred Sound -Patakwin 

The Algonquin word Patakwin means “sacred sound”- the element which represents the space in which dance the four other elements. Sacred sound is a vibration connecting all things. This perfume will then help with information management at all levels, cellular, intellectual, intuitive and spiritual. It is an invitation to let go and flow with all positive energies. Scents include; Nutmeg, Labrador tea, Cardamom, Ravensara & White Spruce.

Fire -Iskutaau  

The Algonquin word Iskutaau means "fire"-the element of transformation and energy. This perfume will bring benefits to the physical and the emotional body & works by rebalancing physical energy and stabilizing the emotional. It is perfect in times when we feel poor self confidence and can help rekindle the inner fire. Scents include; Rose, Ginger, Helichrise, Vanilla & Red Pine.

Earth -Aschiiy  

The Algonquin word Aschiiy means “earth”- the great provider, that all aboriginals cherish as “Mother Earth”. For Native Americans mother earth is the womb from which all life originates and the source of love and abundance which nourishes life. This perfume’s aim in association with this primordial element is relaxing the body and mind and can help to reduce the worries and anxieties of the person who uses it. Scents include; Vetiver, Angelic roots, Patchouli, Myrrh & Balsam Fir Tree.

Wind -Yuutin 

Yuutin is an Algonquin word meaning the element “air”. Air is also wind, which is the spirit voice for First Nations, but for all beings air is the life breath which goes through our lungs, an invisible element in itself, but essential. This perfume can help to stimulate inspiration, courage and determination and can also help to alleviate grief and sadness. Scents Include; Balsam Fir, Oregano, Bergamot, Cloves, Hemlock & White Pine.

Water -Nipiiy  

The Algonquin word Nipiiy means “water”, an element which composes most of our body and which must flow freely. Like the waves of an ocean or a river, the enchanting water and source of life can wreak havoc like fire. This perfume, associated to that element, indicates properties that characterizes water in us and can help to reduce anxiety and promote stability. 

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