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Shoyeido - The Angelic Series

Shoyeido - The Angelic Series

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Shoyeido's expert incense blenders began working on a new incense series - to capture the essences of some of humankind's highest ideals - our heart’s greatest desires - as pure fragrance.

Their transcendent outcome was the Angelic Series of incenses: five idyllic fragrances embodying the spirits of Inspiration, Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love. Each fragrance is blended from only the finest aromatic woods, herbs, roots, resins and spices.

Burns 30 min/stick. 30 sticks

Inspiration (sandalwood and exotic spices)

Peace (myrrh, sandalwood, clove and spices)

Hope (sandalwood, frankincense, ginger lily, spices)

Joy (tea leaves, sandalwood, clove, vanilla, spices)

Love (benzoin, sandalwood, balsam tolu, spices)

Cardboard display (30 units/6 of each)

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