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Palo Santo Anointing Roll On

Palo Santo Anointing Roll On

Triloka Palo Santo Pure Anointing Oil, with its sweet, citrus aroma and subtle hints of frankincense, Palo Santo uplifts mood and calms the spirit. Our Palo Santo pure essential oil is combined with a base of jojoba oil for a warm scent. It is conveniently packaged as a roll-on fragrance that can be applied directly to the skin, making it easier than ever to enjoy Palo Santo’s healing properties. Palo Santo was first used by the ancient Incas during spiritual practices to cleanse themselves and their surroundings of negative energies. The oil comes from the aromatic wood of the Palo Santo trees, which grow in the dry forests of Central and South America. Today, the Palo Santo wood is sustainably harvested after the trees have died and have laid untouched for several years.

8 ml roll-on bottle

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