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Prayer Flags

Prayer Flags

Traditionally Prayer Flags are hand block printed with mantras, symbols and deities on five specific colors, often found strung along mountain ridges and high peaks in Himalayas. Tibetans believe that these wind-borne offerings bring Peace, Prosperity and Health. In Buddhist culture, each color has its own significance which represents five elements of life: Blue - Sky, White - Cloud, Red - Fire, Green - Plants, and Yellow - Earth. These flags are handcrafted by valued supply partners in Nepal and support ethical trade and sustainable practices for the land and the people.

Small Prayer Flags: 25 cotton flags, 12cm x 15cm, total length approx. 383cm

Medium Prayer Flags: 10 cotton flags, 18cm x 16cm, total length approx. 188cm

Tibetan OM Mani Prayer Flags: 10 cotton flags, 4" x 45" in length.

Auspicious Symbol Flags: 8 cotton flags, 4" x 39" in length. This prayer flag displays the following symbols: Red - Parasol, Orange - Fish, Yellow - Vase, White - Lotus, Green - Shell, Teal - Knot, Blue - Victory & Purple - Wheel

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